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Donuts and Workplace Safety?

I know what you’re thinking…what do donuts and workplace safety have in common. Other than the fact that you may be served donuts at your safety meetings or training sessions, they certainly don’t belong in the same sentence together, never mind the same article….let me explain. I had a friend and coworker back when I

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Important upcoming MOL Initiative dates

Here are some important dates regarding the MOL Initiatives that either going on currently or will be in the near future. It's always better to fully cooperate with any inspector that enters your work place as they do have the power to issue on-the-spot fines, work stoppages and compliance orders. If you want a great

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Special Report – ‘Dealing with Safety Inspectors’

No one wants a safety inspector to appear at their door—but it’s likely to happen to every workplace at some point. And workplaces in particularly hazardous industries or engaged in especially dangerous activities will have to deal with inspectors even more frequently. How your company responds when an inspector shows up can have many repercussions,

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What is the Joint Health & Safety Committee Refresher Training and do I Require It?

Ontario’s Occupational Health & Safety Act requires all workplaces with 20 or more regularly employed workers to have a Joint Health & Safety Committee.  Two of these committee members must be certified (one management representative and one worker representative).   Certification requires completion of both Part I (Basic) and Part II (WPS) Certification Training for Joint

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