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A well-crafted, personalized Health and Safety Policy doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Let BULLIVANT do the writing for you, whether you need a new policy or an update, with our health and safety policy writing services.

How to Write a Health and Safety Policy

Your company policies and procedures are important to keep your staff safe, meet your client’s expectations and protect your business from liability. A poorly written health and safety policy could result in accidents, lawsuits, and, most importantly, harm to people. Yet, many businesses and their Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) struggle to generate a comprehensive policy that truly reflects their business practices, demonstrates due diligence, and references the health and safety regulations they need to meet. That’s where Bullivant comes in. We offer health and safety policy writing. Our experts can create or update your polices or create a specific health and safety manual that can guide your company forward.

Your Best Health and Safety Policies

Every business is different, and health and safety policies change over time as you discover new information, attempt new techniques and as new safety standards come into effect. Using someone else’s health and safety policies, or generic policies found on the internet isn’t going to cut it. All Health and Safety policies should be specific to your business. That’s what we focus on at Bullivant.

Get Professional Guidance to Update Your Policies

Using old health and safety policies can open you up to liability. BULLIVANTS' industry experts can help you review and edit your existing policies to ensure they are up to date and offering your employees the real guidance they need to perform their job safely. It is a mandatory standard under Ontario Law that company policies are reviewed at least annually. It may sound like an exhausting job, but we make the process simple and efficient.

How to Write Company Policy and Procedure

Even when you know what policies and procedures you need to express, it can be hard to put them into words, especially in a way that reflects your business’ commitment to due diligence and the highest safety standards for your staff and the general public. BULLIVANTS' experts have drafted many other Health and Safety Policies and so we understand the standards that you need to meet.

Professional Advisors for Your JHSC

Your Joint Health and Safety Committee can’t do it all alone. Bring in professional advisors to be sure that your Health and Safety Policies are written properly and meet the standards set out in the Occupational Health & Safety Act. BULLIVANTS' experts understand not only the law, but your own corporate needs, and can help your JHSC create a policy that reflects both.

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