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Overhead cranes are very common in the steel industry and many more industrial establishments . If your staff use one, or several, they need to be trained in appropriate safety measures so they can recognize hazards, avoid accidents and work even more efficiently and confidently. This Overhead Crane Operator Safety Training course from BULLIVANT Health + Safety will teach your overhead crane operators what they need to know to safely operate the crane.

Overhead Crane Operator Training

This Overhead Crane Operator Safety Training course covers several types of overhead cranes. BULLIVANT Health + Safety instructors will be sure to cover the material most relevant to your own employees, such as the specifics of the equipment they use and hazards they may actually face. BULLIVANT Health + Safety also gives all participants the opportunity to practice their skills under the supervision of a competent supervisor and prove their knowledge during their Competency Evaluation. Accidents often occur when the overhead crane operator is inexperienced and hasn’t had the opportunity to test their knowledge. By providing this opportunity, we help participants cement their knowledge and act safely while operating.

Course Information

Our Overhead Crane Operator Safety Training course covers a wide range of topics. We will discuss safety regulations related to overhead cranes and the responsibilities of workers, supervisors and employers. Participants will learn about proper crane inspection including when and how the crane should be inspected. This course heavily focuses on the proper operation of the crane. This includes what the operator should do before, during and after moving a load with the crane. We cover recognizing and clearing obstacles, eliminating wire rope slack, the dangers of sudden movements, and much more. When the course is completed, successful participants will know how to recognize, evaluate, control and assess safety hazards they may face when operating an overhead crane. Have questions about what the course covers? Reach out to us at BULLIVANT for a course outline.

What Contributes to Overhead Crane Accidents?

In part due to overhead crane safety training requirements, crane accidents are not as common as they once were. In fact, according to the Globe and Mail, crane accident deaths have been reduced by 75% ever since overhead crane safety training and certification came into effect. However, accidents still happen. When they do, they usually have several contributing factors, which might include:
  • Lack of proper safety training
  • Lack of supervision
  • Overloading the crane
  • Unclear load weights
  • Unclear measurement of operating radius
  Don’t let an accident happen at your workplace. Ensure that all of your overhead crane operators get proper safety training.

What Does BULLIVANT Health + Safety Provide for this Course?

For due diligence purposes, we provide proof of completion certificates as well as records of the participants’ competency evaluations.

The Benefits of BULLIVANT Health + Safety Training

Safety training is too important to be difficult. At BULLIVANT Health + Safety, we care about people, so we want to make your safety training as simple and cost-effective as possible while maintaining the highest quality of our programs and trainers. We minimize the time your staff needs to spend away from work, without sacrificing the quality of their training.

Please note: We do NOT have powered equipment (an Overhead Crane) at our location.

Reach out to us today to sign your employees up for our Overhead Crane Operator Safety Training course.