We understand that companies may be hesitant to carry out workplace safety training as the cost to shut down lines of production and take employees away from their duties for a day or more is significant, but the cost of not training can be far more significant.

While it’s true, in order to train your employees properly, they will have to miss some time on the job, but maybe we can help limit that production loss.

BULLIVANT Health + Safety are able to provide virtually all Occupational Health & Safety training courses in a group environment at your facility. Depending on the course and the number of participants, most of the time we can complete it all in one day or less.

Group training is usually the most cost and time effective way to get all your employees trained as opposed to sending them individually to our monthly classes.

Certain courses such as the Forklift, Aerial Lift & Overhead crane would consist of classroom theory and also include the hands on Competency Evaluations for each, so these types will generally take a little longer to complete.

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3 Top Benefits for Holding Group Training Sessions at Your Workplace

  1. Time and convenience
    Every business knows the value of time, and the more time employees are away from their job duties the more production takes a hit. By holding group training sessions at your facility a business can greatly reduce the time away for each employee, and therefore they can also reduce the production loss.

You’re also not paying for any travel time that would be incurred by having your employee attend a training at a providers facility, as well as the liability by having your employee travelling during regular work hours.

  1. Customized training courses to meet specific needs
    One of the biggest benefits of onsite group training is the fact that it is almost always customizable to meet your businesses specific needs. Trainers can tour the facility and get a better understanding of your company’s operations, and as a result they can directly use that knowledge to deliver site specific training.

This is most beneficial because upper management wants to make sure to get the most for their money and it helps the participants because it keeps them engaged as it relates directly to them and their job duties.

  1. Generally most cost effective
    One of the biggest grumblings about workplace safety training is the cost. This should be looked at as an investment in your workers because it’s proven that by providing training to your workers shows you care for their safety which results in increased productivity.

Having your training done in a group environment is usually the most cost effective method. Our training costs are based on flat rates and maximum participant counts.

Per person rates in group training will vary depending on the course that is being taught but at BULLIVANT Health + Safety, our flat rate system allows for a cheaper per person cost. You also have to factor in that your employees can usually return to work immediately following the training.

BULLIVANT Health + Safety would love to assist with your next group training session. Your facility would be required to provide the following:

  • A classroom type setting
  • A blank wall or screen for the PowerPoint presentation

It’s simple, just click on the button below and take a minute to fill in some details for your training requirements and hit send. A representative from BULLIVANT Health + Safety will get back to you with a formal proposal usually within 24 hours, Monday thru Friday.

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