Joint Health and Safety Committee training, or JHSC training is mandatory, and it’s also an important opportunity to make your committee as effective and proactive as it can be. Choose the JHSC advisers at BULLIVANT Health + Safety in Hamilton, ON, because we care about the long-term success of your JHSC.

Professional JHSC Training

Trust BULLIVANT Health + Safety JHSC advisers to guide your committee from the first meeting, or to come in and help a floundering JHSC be more productive, efficient and effective. You can also reach out to us to partake in your JHSC’s hazard assessments. Expert guidance can help your JHSC recognize the potential hazards the company faces. We’re focused on due diligence and can help your JHSC understand what could and should be done to mitigate hazard risk and, most importantly, keep people safe.

Expert Guidance to Start Your JHSC

If you are starting a new Joint Health and Safety Committee you need JHSC certification. For small businesses that have grown, or new businesses that are starting off with more than 20 employees, creating a JHSC may seem overwhelming. Not to worry, BULLIVANT Health + Safety professional JHSC advisers make it simple. We provide training, guidance and structure that new committees need to stay focused and to meet Occupational Health and Safety Act requirements.

Productive, Compliant Meetings

The proper joint health and safety committee training can make your JHSC meetings more productive and fully compliant with the law. Get better health and safety practices, while spending less time on meetings. You will be secure in the knowledge that your JHSC is working to the best of its ability and protecting your company from harm and liability.

Proper Hazard Assessments

Your Joint Health and Safety training will cover how to perform proper hazard assessments. Your JHSC committee members will understand when a hazard assessment is required, when they should seek expert help, and how they might handle new hazards.

Also, you can call BULLIVANT Health + Safety JHSC advisers as part of your hazard assessment. Our expert guidance can help you fully understand a hazard and create a plan to address that hazard that meets your legal and regulatory operations.

Sensitive to Committee Member Dynamics

At BULLIVANT Health + Safety, we are in this business to help keep people safe. In our time working with many JHSCs we have gained a lot of experience at how best to make sure everyone’s voice is heard and that everyone’s concerns are addressed. By its nature, a JHSC is composed of people who have in-depth practical knowledge of the business’ day-to-day operations and the risks and hazards it deals with. Everyone has something valuable to contribute to safety solutions. We are sensitive to your committee member dynamics and are productive, thoughtful advisers that truly care about your staff, your company, and the public at large.

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