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Forklifts are the backbone of many warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other workplaces. Anyone operating a forklift needs to know how to properly use this equipment, recognize unsafe conditions and prevent accidents. The comprehensive Forklift Operator Safety Training provided by BULLIVANT Health + Safety can make your workplace safer and more efficient.

Forklift Safety Training

BULLIVANT Health + Safety offers monthly Forklift Operator Safety Training classes that focus on safe operational techniques and meets or exceeds the CSA standard B335-15 "Safety standard for lift trucks" . The forklift operator safety consists of the classroom theory portion and also includes a competency evaluation to prove that the operator is competent to operate the device. Forklift safety training can help you meet your safety training requirements under the OHSA. We can train large groups, potentially your whole staff, at our training facility in Stoney Creek. However, if you’d prefer we offer training courses on your facility in a group environment which is the most cost and time effective method for you.

What’s Included in BULLIVANT Health + Safety Forklift Safety Training?

There are three components of this forklift safety training course:
  • Classroom instruction
  • Written quiz
  • Operator competency evaluation
  It’s important to give participants the ability to practice their forklift skills under the supervision of a competent supervisor. This gives them the best chance of remembering the information and operating the forklift properly in the future. The written quiz also helps to cement the safety information in each participant’s mind.

Please note: We do NOT have powered equipment ( a Forklift) at our facility.

Also, BULLIVANT Health + Safety will supply several materials for or after this class including:
  • Comprehensive participant information packages
  • Upon successful completion, certificates, and wallet cards via Skills Pass

Course Information

The classroom instruction portion of this course covers a wide range of forklift information, including:
  • Introduction
  • Cars vs lift trucks: weight and limited vision
  • Root causes of forklift accidents
  • Operational factors in forklift accidents
  • Occupational deaths and forklift fatalities
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Tip-over safety
  • Classes of industrial vehicles (lift trucks)
  • Legislation and standards
  • Understanding capacity plates
  • Stability factors
  • Pre-shift inspections
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Trailers and loading docks
  • Fuels

Why Choose BULLIVANT Health + Safety?

At Bullivant, we’re in this business to keep people safe. We care about your staff and our experienced instructors don’t skimp on safety instruction. We also seek to make safety training as affordable and convenient for employers as it can be. We can minimize the time your employees spend away from work and offer large group classes for your convenience. Afterall, safety training should be accessible for all. Also, for your convenience, BULLIVANT Health + Safety is connected to the Skills Pass network. This cloud-based system automatically updates each participant’s attendance and successful completion of forklift safety training course without any manual input or cost from you. It’s simple to share with Ministry of Labour inspectors and others, as well, you can print certificates from this cloud-based system. Plus, the Skills Pass system will send you three notifications when your employee’s certification is about to expire, at 60 days, 30 days and 2 weeks before expiration. Reach out to discuss our flat fee rates or to ask your questions about our forklift safety training course.