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Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPS) are necessary and useful equipment for many companies in a wide range of industries. If you use Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, any staff member you have operating the lift needs proper safety training to avoid accidents, work efficiently, and identify hazards. Boom lifts, scissor lifts and other Mobile Elevated Work Platforms are all covered in this course. Having your staff attend this BULLIVANT Health + Safety class is a simple, effective way to train them and keep your workplace safe.

Mobile Elevated Work Platforms Operator Safety Training

This Mobile Elevated Work Platforms safety training class covers many types of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms including boom lifts and scissor lifts. We will touch on the specific equipment that your staff use every day, or new types of equipment they may begin to use. The course will teach your employees how to comply with the Occupation Health & Safety Act and industrial regulations. It will reflect the current health and safety attitudes at your facility and will be appropriate to all workers and their specific applications on the job.

Course Information

Our Mobile Elevated Work Platforms Operator Safety Training program covers a comprehensive range of topics including:
  • Applicable legislation
  • Responsibilities of workers, supervisors, and employees under the Occupation Health & Safety Act
  • Accepted safe work practices
  • Hazards associated with operating Mobile Elevated Work Platforms
  • An outline of fines and penalties you can incur from improper use of aerial lifts and related equipment
  • Lifting device and mobile equipment definitions
  • Requirements for pre-shift equipment inspection and work area surveys
  • Review of site-specific hazards and controls for safe operation of an aerial lift
  • Review of safety decals, load capabilities and specific equipment requirements

How are Participants Evaluated?

At BULLIVANT Health + Safety, we believe that practice, under the supervision of a competent supervisor, is just as important as in-class time. Therefore, we give participants practice time and include a competency evaluation along with a written evaluation.

Please note: We do NOT have powered equipment (a MEWP) at our location.

What Bullivant Provides for Mobile Elevated Work Platforms Safety Training

To help you demonstrate due diligence and help you meet your safety training requirements, Bullivant offers the following documentation:
  • Upon completion, we provide Proof of completion certificates via Skills Pass
  • Documentation supporting successful competency evaluation

The Benefits of BULLIVANT Health + Safety Training

We are connected to the Skills Pass network so we can automatically update your staff’s training history and even send along certification to regulators without any input or cost from you. We can provide the training at your facility in a group environment which is the most time and cost effect method for you. Reach out to us today to ask your questions about our aerial lift safety class or to sign up your staff members.