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Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) members who were certified after March 1, 2016, must now get their certification renewed every three years.

JHSC Refresher Course

A healthy, efficient and productive Joint Health and Safety Committee is key to a safe workplace. At BULLIVANT, we make attendance and course completion simple, without sacrificing the quality of instruction and learning. Our refresher course is Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) Approved.

Course Information

The refresher course is designed to remind participants of the key information covered during Joint Health and Safety Committee training. It may also update participants about recent changes to health and safety regulations or JHSC duties. Topics covered in the course include:

  • The rights, duties, functions and responsibilities of general JHSC members as well as certified members
  • Review the roles, duties and responsibilities of workplace parties
  • Identify changes & updates to legislation, standards, codes of practices and new safety initiatives from the last three years since your staff was last certified
  • Review the concepts of hazard management, RACE: recognize, assess, control and evaluate
  • Discuss best practices and challenges with other JHSC certified members and BULLIVANT instructors

Does Your Staff Need to Take the Course?

Not everyone needs to take this refresher course. If your staff member completed JHSC certification before March 1, 2016, their certification does not expire and therefore are not mandated to take this course. However, it may benefit them, the JHSC, and your company as a whole for them to attend this refresher and learn about the changes that have been implemented to JHSCs and health and safety regulations over the last few years.

If your staff member first received their JHSC certification on or after March 1, 2016, they will need to become recertified three years after they completed JHSC Part 2 (Workplace Specific), and every three years after that. With the Skills Pass system, it’s easier than ever to keep your staff’s certifications up to date. The system will automatically send you reminders 60 days, 30 days, and 2 weeks before a staff member’s certification expires. At BULLIVANT Health + Safety, we can also automatically update your staff’s recertification through this system.

Simple JHSC Refresher Course

Participants simply arrive at our Stoney Creek training facility (with free all-day parking) and get started. They must bring a valid piece of photo idea to confirm their registration, such as a driver’s license, passport or Permanent Resident Card. Otherwise, we provide everything for the course here at our facility.

The Benefits of BULLIVANT Health + Safety JHSC Certification Training Providers

Fulfill your regulatory requirements and perform your due diligence in keeping your workplace safe with JHSC refresher courses at BULLIVANT. Reach out to us today to ask your questions about our JHSC certification training or to sign your staff up for this course.