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Suffering a fall from heights is one of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities in many industries. BULLIVANT Health + Safety Fall Arrest Training courses are personalized to your employees and teach them how to reduce their fall risk, comply with regulations, and properly use fall protection systems.

Fall Arrest Safety Training

BULLIVANT Health + Safety offers monthly fall arrest courses for all “non-construction” rated companies such as industrial and manufacturing companies. Not only do these classes teach the information your employees need to know to stay safe, but we also offer hands-on practice and expert evaluation of safety harness. Read on to discover what the course covers and what your staff will know and have when they leave.

What’s Included in BULLIVANT Health + Safety Fall Arrest Safety Training?

BULLIVANT Health + Safety Fall Arrest Training course includes:

  • Comprehensive information packets for every participant
  • Hands-on practice putting on harnesses with expert guidance
  • Upon successful completion, proof of completion certificates via Skills Pass


We can accommodate both individual and group training, at our training facility in Stoney Creek or on your facility. We take safety training seriously and cover a range of topics, while keeping training efficient to minimize the time your employees spend away from work.

Course Information: Responsibility and Risk Detection

Our fall arrest training covers a wide range of topics, including an employee’s responsibility and how they can detect fall risk. This includes:

  • Applicable legislation, including the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA)
  • Responsibility of workers, supervisors, and employees under OHSA
  • R-A-C approach and fall hazards
  • Types of fall protection
  • Fall speed vs. reaction time
  • Same level falls and their causes
  • Lower level falls and their causes
  • And more

Course Information: Fall Arrest Equipment

Our fall arrest training course covers the proper use and function of fall arrest and safety equipment. We will address the specific equipment your employees use at your workplace, which may include:

  • Perimeter guards, guardrails, hole covers
  • Travel restraint systems, fall restraint systems
  • Safety nets
  • Beam clamps, body belts
  • Harnesses and classes of harnesses
  • Lanyards, lifelines, cross arm straps wire rope adapters
  • Fall arrest systems and arresting the fall
  • Fall arrest limitations
  • Anchorage point requirements
  • Stretch/slack factor
  • Appropriate fit testing of fall arrest equipment
  • Choosing fall arrest equipment
  • And more

Course Information: Ladder Safety & After a Fall

Two critical areas of fall protection training your employees need to understand are ladder safety and what to do after a fall. Our fall arrest course covers both of these critical areas. Your employees will learn:

  • How to determine what is safe and unsafe ladder practice
  • The correct way to descend and ascend a ladder
  • The correct way to use an extension ladder
  • Suspension trauma
  • Fall rescue plan components


There is more information discussed in this fall arrest course. Reach out to BULLIVANT Health + Safety in Hamilton to get the fall arrest training course outline, ask questions, or sign up your employees for the course.