Serving Businesses in Hamilton and Across Ontario

Our Workplace Health and Safety Consultants offer structured, targeted Safety Strategy Sessions where you can get our expert view on your current health and safety compliance, or on how to remedy specific health and safety issues.

Sessions with No Obligation

There is no cost and no obligation for our one-hour strategy sessions. We review your current health & safety system, your operations, your requirements, and your health and safety needs. During the strategy session, Our Workplace Health and Safety Consultants in Hamilton, ON will let you know the current state of your health and safety compliances. We can also provide you with a roadmap of the changes you need to make to become compliant or to adopt better health and safety practices.

Workplace Inspection Included

Included in our Strategy Session is a free workplace inspection. During this process, our lead Health and Safety Consultant will walk through your workplace and get the information he/she needs in order to understand your operations. During this inspection, our expert can review if your workers are compliant with their safety training and if your safety procedures are meeting or exceeding your legal obligations and the relevant regulations. A second pair of expert eyes will help you see strengths and weaknesses in your workplace Health and Safety Program that you weren’t aware of.

What We Can Review with You

During your strategy session, we can review any and all of the following topics:

  • Your current safety programs
  • Your safety program’s reliability and effectiveness
  • Your compliance with worker safety training
  • Your current health and safety policies, procedures and manuals
  • Your documented proof of employee training compliance
  • Your performance as it relates to regulations and your legal obligations

If you have a specific concern about how your safety and health procedures measure up, let us know. We’ll end the session with a road map of how you can improve your health and safety training and policies. However, there’s no obligation to use our other services to do so.

How to Apply for Our Safety Strategy Sessions

As they are at no cost and no obligation, we can only offer our strategy sessions to a limited number of qualifying businesses per year. Therefore, we ask that you apply for the sessions. To apply:

  • Fill out our contact form and include the words “Safety Strategy Session” in your message.
  • Wait for our confirmation email, then our second email with the “Due Diligence Questionnaire.”
  • Complete the Due Diligence Questionnaire and email it back to us.
  • Wait for our follow-up email, in which we will explain if you’re approved.
  • Then, if approved, you'll receive some choices of dates and times
  • Act quickly to address potential health and safety issues

If you suspect that you are not compliant with a health and safety regulation, the worst thing you can do is wait. Getting our Workplace Health and Safety Consultants involved right away is critical to prevent harm or further harm and bring your practices up to date. Your health and safety issues may seem overwhelming, but our professional guidance will help you form a clear and thorough plan.

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