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In a workplace of 20 or more regular workers, you must have a Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC), it's the LAW. A company with 20-49 workers requires 2 certified members, 1 management rep and 1 worker rep. A company with 50+ workers requires 4 members (2 certified), 2 management reps and 2 worker reps.

If you have the required amount of certificated members, you may have additional members, that aren't certified, sit on the committee as long as the management reps never outnumber the worker reps.

At least two of your Joint Health & Safety Committee members must complete a JHSC training program. The JHSC certification program is divided into two parts: Part 1 Basic and Part 2 Workplace Specific. Bullivant makes it simple for you to get the right staff members JHSC certified.

JHSC Certification Part 1

Our Basic JHSC certification training is Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) approved and will give your JHSC members the ability to recognize, assess, control and evaluate hazards. We care about the safety of your workplace and instruct participants on both how to perform due diligence and prevent health & safety hazards, as well as how to investigate accidents and workplace conditions.

We run this class on a monthly basis from our Stoney Creek training facility. Please note that the second part of JHSC training, JHSC Part 2 – Workplace Specific, must also be completed within 1 year of completing Part 1, in order for the participant to be certified.

Course Information

JHSC certification training Part 1 introduces participants to the basic principles behind JHSCs as well as understanding regulations and recognizing hazards. Topics include:

  • Internal responsibility system
  • OHSA & regulations
  • Identify health and safety legislation
  • Due diligence
  • How the JHSA functions
  • Recognizing, assessing, controlling and evaluating hazards
  • Workplace investigations
  • Accident investigations

How Participants are Evaluated

More than just a presentation, BULLIVANT Health + Safety provides your staff with opportunities to practice their skills while under the instruction of an expert. While completing this course, participants will:

  • Demonstrate that they know how to access health and safety legislation
  • Demonstrate how to describe how a JHSC functions
  • Practice recognizing, assessing, controlling and evaluating hazards
  • Complete a written certification evaluation


After participants have successfully completed this program, they must complete JHSC Part 2 within 1 year.

What BULLIVANT Health + Safety Provides

As part of keeping the process of safety training simple for you, BULLIVANT Health + Safety provides classroom materials, posters, and other key information packets. As part of joint health and safety committee training, BULLIVANT Health + Safety provides the following manuals, booklets and handouts:

  • Guide to the Act
  • Guide to the JHSC
  • Guide to WHMIS
  • Participant’s manual
  • PowerPoint slides
  • The OH&S Act (the Green book)
  • ESA poster
  • Form 82 – 1, 2, 3, 4 poster
  • H&S Prevention Starts Here poster
  • Laptop bag, sticky notes, pen, highlighter

The Benefits of BULLIVANT Health + Safety Training

JHSC training is mandated by law for at least two of your employees, one who represents management and one who represents the workers. The quality of JHSC training your staff receives will determine how focused and effective your JHSC is at recognizing, controlling and evaluating hazards at your workplace.

BULLIVANT Health + Safety is committed to making participating in JHSC certification Part 1 as simple for you as possible. If you have concerns, reach out to us today. Or, sign up for the class.