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Dangerous goods can be a necessary, every-day part of your company’s operation. Still, you shouldn’t take their safe handling for granted. Anyone transporting dangerous goods is required by law to have proper TDG training to prevent accidents, protect people, the environment and protect the company from liability.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training

This TDG training course covers all nine hazard classes. If your staff transport explosives, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizing substances, toxic or infectious substances or radioactive materials, they need expert guidance and thorough training to stay safe and prevent accidents. Ensure that your staff know how to follow TDG regulations, minimize your liability, and keep everyone safe around dangerous goods.

TDG Course Information

Our TDG training course covers a wide range of information. BULLIVANT Health + Safety instructors will be sure to cover the specific materials and situations your staff are most likely to deal with, as well as provide a foundation for all dangerous goods handling, including the classifications of dangerous goods.

During the course, we cover how to select the proper containment or packaging for the goods, as well as how to communicate that the goods are hazardous to the public and other employees. We may also provide Emergency Response Assistance Plans (ERAP) or how to deal with contamination and accidents related to dangerous goods.

Participants who successfully complete this course will understand how to report incidents, prepare shipping papers of other documents, and minimize the risk that the transportation of dangerous goods poses on the staff, public and company.

Who Needs Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training?

Shipping, transport, manufacturers, distributors and many more industries may require several staff members to be certified in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods. The TDG Act and Regulations require that at least, any staff member handling, shipping or receiving a dangerous good should be under the direct supervision of someone who is certified if they are not certified themselves.

All certificates for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods training expire. Aircraft transport certificates expire after two years and other types of transport expire after three years.

**We do not use Skills Pass for this course so that paragraph was taken out

What BULLIVANT Health + Safety Provides for this Course

BULLIVANT Health + Safety provides Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certificates which act as records of your staff’s participation in this course. This is done for both due diligence purposes and so that your staff have proof of certification while in transit.

The Benefits of BULLIVANT Health + Safety Training

Safety training is too important to be complicated or boring. BULLIVANT Health + Safety seeks to make it as easy as possible for employers and employees to get proper safety training.

Reach out to us today to sign your staff up for the BULLIVANT Health + Safety Transportation of Dangerous Goods training course.