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A Health and Safety Representative is required for workplaces with 6-19 regular workers. The H&S Rep must be a worker rep and must be willing to perform the duties, as they can't be assigned the role by management.

Although currently there is no mandatory training required by Ministry of Labour, Immigration, Training and Skills Development (MLITSD), the employer must make sure the H&S rep has the proper training to perform their duties.

Health and Safety Representative Training

For JHSC's that have the required number of worker and management reps, this is a great way to train your non-certified JHSC members in just one day and avoid the 5-day Joint Health & Safety Committee Part 1 & 2 certification training. An organization of any size can benefit from offering this training, so its employees can more effectively perform their duties and commit to a safer workplace.

Who Can Benefit from this Health and Safety Training Course?

If you have between 6 and 19 workers, you are required to offer health and safety training even though you are not required to have a joint health and safety committee or to have any employees JHSC certified. This course will allow you to fulfill your regulatory requirements, demonstrate due diligence, and promote a safer work environment.

Those companies with 20 or more employees must have a JHSC and have two certified members. However, you may benefit from training the other members of the committee as well. Give your employees the tools they need to properly recognize, assess, control and evaluate hazards, without having them spend five days in JHSC certified training.

Course Information

This health and safety representative training course covers the following material:

  • Internal responsibility systems
  • Review of the Occupational Health and Safety Act responsibilities for workers, supervisors and employees
  • Concept of due diligence
  • Powers and functions of the JHSC under S.9 OH&S Act
  • Recognizing, assessing, controlling and evaluating hazards
  • Workplace inspections
  • Incident/accident investigations
  • Making your JHSC run smoothly
  • Guide to effective JHSC run smoothly
  • Guide to effective JHSC meetings (agenda, minutes, process)
  • Work refusal process (worker, bilateral, unilateral)
  • Rights and responsibilities of all workplace parties for health and safety
  • Report writing/written recommendations
  • Where to get more help
  • MLITSD, WSIB reporting requirements
  • Functions of MLITSD, MLITSD inspections, WSIB and OLRB
  • Criminal negligence

What BULLIVANT Health + Safety Supplies for Health and Safety Rep Training

BULLIVANT Health + Safety provides all participants with an information package called “A Guide for Joint Health and Safety Committees and Health & Safety Representatives in the Workplace.”

Upon a participant’s successful completion of the written quiz, BULLIVANT Health + Safety will provide him or her with a proof of completion certificate.

Reach Out With Your Questions About Health and Safety Training

Not sure if this health and safety representative training course fulfills your needs or meets your regulatory requirements? Reach out to BULLIVANT Health + Safety expert staff for answers.