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Machine guarding and electrical hazards      - Industrial –

January 15, 2018 – February 28, 2018

With all the news recently about the Fair Workplace Act, the minimum wage hike and some businesses changing their employees breaks from paid to unpaid and having employees pay more for their benefits, the MOL has said they are hiring an additional 175 inspectors for this specific reason. What does that all mean...be prepared to have your workplace inspected at some point this year.

When an inspector pays your business a visit, they will not only be checking on compliance with the Fair Workplace Act & ESA, they will also be checking whether the rest of your health & safety is complete and compliant with the regulations and laws.

They’ll be checking things such as;

Compliance with the Fair Workplace Act & ESA

Health & Safety policies, procedures & manuals are up to date

Workplace safety training is up to date and documentation

Up to date OH&S Act on site & available

Machinery operating correctly, guards in place, LOTO program in place

Workplace violence and harassment policy & program

Health & Safety board with required posters, documents and information

General housekeeping & Personal Protective Equipment

and more

It's normal to feel apprehensive and nervous when an inspector arrives...but take a deep breath and realize that they are just people, albeit people with power, they're just performing their job duties as are you. If you're doing everything possible to ensure a safe compliant workplace, you'll have nothing to worry about.

Six reasons why a safety inspector may appear in your workplace:

  • An anonymous complaint of an unsafe situation or safety concern;
  • A complaint from the JHSC or union;
  • A work refusal or certified member “stop work” situation that can’t be resolved internally;
  • A routine compliance audit;
  • The filing of a required notice or registration
  • A workplace safety incident.

When to expect a guaranteed inspection?

When an employee has repeatedly informed their supervisor or manager of a hazard or potential hazard in their workplace, and nothing has been done to rectify the hazard, the employee has the right to make an anonymous call to the MOL toll free number to report the situation directly to them.

Once the call has been made you can 100% guarantee that you'll see an inspector at your workplace in no time.

If you're unsure on the state or your workplace health & safety, give us a call at

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We provide a 1 hour no cost Safety Strategy Session that will determine where you current workplace H&S is, where it needs to be and the best process to get you there.