Every jurisdiction has an agency in charge of regulating and enforcing the OHS laws. And these agencies use safety officers or inspectors to fulfill those duties, including inspecting workplaces for violations and investigating safety incidents when they occur.

No one wants a safety inspector to appear at their door—but it’s likely to happen to every workplace at some point. And workplaces in particularly hazardous industries or engaged in especially dangerous activities will have to deal with inspectors even more frequently.

How your company responds when an inspector shows up can have many repercussions, some good and some bad. So here are six tips on how to properly deal with safety inspectors

What you'll learn inside:

- 6 Tips for Properly Handling OHS Inspections

- 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing with Safety Inspectors

- How to Appeal an Order from a Safety Inspector

- Inspection Powers of Government Inspectors