The Ministry of Labour has announced their upcoming blitz schedule and provincial initiatives from April 2018 to March 2019. The blitz campaign will target the construction, industrial, 'big box' retail, healthcare and mining sectors.

Once the inspector is onsite they will not only be looking at the specific blitz focus such as; Working at Heights/Fall Protection, Machine Guarding, Employment Standards and more, but they will also be checking to make sure employers are up to date on all their training requirements and also their policies, procedures, H&S manuals and their Internal Responsibility System.

Employers that are lacking in any of their requirements will be issued 'orders' at the minimum or served with 'Stop work orders' or fines at the maximum.

Don't wait for the MOL inspector to show up at your workplace before you take care of the legal requirements that every employer is responsible for. Keeping your workplace up to date can go a long way in preventing any orders, fines or stop work orders.

View the blitz & provincial initiative schedules for the MOL site