It’s always easier, less costly and less time consuming in the long run to maintain your car by getting regular oil changes, checking fluid levels, change worn out brake pads etc.

If you don’t those things like neglecting a $50 oil change or checking oil levels can be a lot more costly like a seized engine that’s now going to cost you $2000 to $4000 or more for a new or rebuilt engine.

If you neglect your brakes, instead of a few hundred dollars for installation of new brake pads, now you may be looking a couple thousand dollars if you have to replace the rotors, caliper assembly, the wheel bearings etc...

The same goes for your workplace safety training and you entire health & safety program and system.

If you stay on top of it, maintain and provide the proper training, updated policies & procedures you’ll mitigate any added costs from a 'Set' fine or day in court from a MOL inspection...

...worse yet, an accident or fatality at your workplace which will not only cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars more, but also the trauma and stress it will cause to your staff in the long term.

As of April 1, 2018 the Ministry of Labour introduced over 280 new fines that can be issued on the spot for non-compliance of the Occupational Health & Safety Act by employers & supervisors. The MOL inspectors can now issue these fines during their inspection blitzes that are currently ongoing.

These Set fines can go all the way up to $650 per infraction plus a surcharge for each offence and also court charges.

  • Employer failing to cause joint health and safety committee to be established
  • Employer failing to prepare written occupational health and safety policy
  • Employer failing to develop occupational health and safety program
  • Employer failing to prepare workplace harassment policy
  • Employer failing to develop workplace violence program
  • Employer failing to ensure that worker has valid working at heights training

Supervisor failing to ensure worker is working on a safe work surface under section 11 of Reg. 851

Above are just a fraction of the new Set Fines that can be issued for non-compliance.