On June 1, 2018 to August 31, 2018, phase 2, suppliers who are chemical manufactures are still able to sell hazardous products with either the old WHMIS  labels and safety data sheets (SDS) or the new versions.

Employers can still receive and use products that have either the old WHMIS labels and SDS or the new versions.

By September 1, 2018 to November 30, 2018, phase 3, distributors MUST sell their hazardous products that comply with the new WHMIS 2015 requirements only.

During this 3rd phase employers should only be receiving hazardous products with the new WHMIS 2015 labels and SDS.

During this time of phase 3, employers will have an additional 3 months in order to bring their existing inventories of their hazardous materials into compliance with WHMIS 2015.

By December 1, 2018, phase 4, the final phase, all manufacturers, importers distributors, suppliers and employers must make the full transition to comply with WHMIS 2015.

During the final phase there should be no hazardous products in their workplace that have the old WHMIS labels or SDS.

On December 1, 2018 and beyond, the Ministry of Labour inspectors will be enforcing the new WHMIS 2015 requirements for all workplaces that they’re inspecting.

Employers are responsible for ensuring that all workers in their workplace receive the relevant WHMIS 1988/2015 training prior to December 1, 2018 and receive proper training on WHMIS 2015 after December 1, 2018.

If your workplace is currently receiving hazardous products with new WHMIS 2015 labels and SDS, they must ensure that all workers are trained under the new WHMIS 2015 requirements.

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