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  One of the many advantages of working with BULLIVANT Health + Safety is having access to the SkillsPass Network. The network allows you to digitally access your training data, send it to regulators, and much more.

The SkillsPass Advantage

SkillsPass is a new digital system that tracks and updates your safety training data, both for your own records and for the Ministry of Labour. Without manual input from you, SkillsPass records each staff member’s safety training and shares the data with provincial regulators once the training is complete. The SkillsPass system is cloud-based which means you can access it anywhere, even if you’re working on the road or working from home. The moment you have a safety training concern or need to print off a certification, you can.

Re-Training Notifications

It can be stressful to keep track of the training certifications of your staff. Missing an expiry date without reminding your employees to renew their training could have negative impacts on your business and the safety of your workplace. That is until you connect with the SkillsPass network. It automatically keeps track of all certification expiry dates and reminds you in advance to renew them. Get reminders at 60 days, 30 days and 2 weeks before the expiry date. That way, you have plenty of time to arrange for your staff to update their training and you don’t risk penalties or work interruptions.

Share with Regulators in Real Time

No more waiting for hard copies, printing them off, or stress about losing records of safety training. The SkillsPass network eliminates all of that. Instead, it automatically sends updated information to provincial regulators about whether your safety training has been completed or needs updating. Go Digital or Print with Ease Every employee will have a QR code in the SkillsPass system. By scanning that code, you can see each employee’s training history, in real time. Other members of your organization can access the records too, making cross-company communication that much simpler. Once you adopt the SkillsPass system, you may no longer need to print off a record, never mind find somewhere to store it (or pay for an outside storage facility). But if you happen to need a physical copy of the record you can easily print it off from within the system. Even better, SkillsPass is mobile-friendly, which means you and your staff members can access your safety training data on your phone.

Convenience with BULLIVANT Health + Safety

Health and safety training is important, but it should also be as convenient as possible. It’s not about shuffling papers, but about protecting people from harm. At BULLIVANT Health + Safety in Hamilton, we go the extra mile to ensure that meeting your regulatory and legal obligations is simple. As part of that commitment, we have joined the SkillsPass network.