Worker Without Hard hat Struck In Head And Killed

Please note that the last names have been omitted to protect the identity of the families. Michael recalls that when he was an hourly employee on the production floor, his supervisor was a “real stickler” about safety who insisted employees wear their PPE anytime they were out in the production areas. “We really hated wearing

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The changing role of the safety professional

Glyn Jones Which type of safety advisor are you? Today’s business environment demands agility from safety professionals to be successful. It’s agility that allows for the proper and effective response to change and turns adversities into opportunities. Historically, the role of the safety advisor was to “police” the workplace and drive compliance to the legislation

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7 Steps for Your Foundation Of An Accident-Proof Workplace

It is everyone's business to maintain a safe workplace. However, emphasis is given on the responsibility of business owners/directors to prioritize the safety, welfare, and health of their employees. Fortunately, every business owner can manage the safety of their employees in the same way they manage every other aspect of their business. Unfortunately some business

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